Clubs start Friday at PLE
Be Safe Truthful Accepting and Respectful
A group of male and female teachers and admins pose for a picture
A gloved hand holding a syringe of yellow liquid
A rainbow of colored pencils at the bottom of a sky blue page with one white cloud
Announcement with a picture of the new ClassLink login portal
Chromebook with the Chrome Logo and the acer brand name on the cover
This is a screenshot of a video where a female teacher sits in front of a class of students with  students raising their hands
Large gold A, small purple words small community, big opportunities
Close up view of a snowflake
Pleasant Lake Staff 2022-2023
Flier for kickoff game celebration with a picture of the new football field
Gray and red coronavirus molecule
Turf football field with a purple and gold sideline and a gold A in the center
Purple circle with gold A in the middle. Inside the circle, the slogan small community, big opportunities. Outside the circle, the line Growing a community of innovative leaders for the challenges of today and tomorrow.
Riley Cjildren's hospital Logo, drawing of a boy and a girl in a little red wagon